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XJ gets the approval of organizing the Energy Internet Special Committee under China Electrotechnical Society

Publication Date:2016-04-12

On April 9, China Electrotechnical Society held the second session of 8th Executive Committee Meeting, reviewed and approved XJ Group Corporation to set up the Energy Internet Special Committeeunder China Electrotechnical Society. The special committee is affiliated to XJ Group, and XJ Group is responsible for its daily management and organization.

China Electrotechnical Society is a nonprofit social group of electrical science and technology workers dominated by electrical engineers andunits and groupsin the electricity field which works on scientific research, design, manufacturing, application, teaching and management.It is an important and influential academic association in the field of electric energy in our country. This special committee will effectively promote the international cognition of the energy Internet, expand various academic exchanges at home and abroad and focus on promoting the cooperation of overseas organizations and groups, realizing the global participation in the construction of energy Internet.

The existing members of the special committee mainly consist of enterprises such as XJ Group, China Southern Power Grid, State Grid Beijing Electric Power Company, and the expertsand representatives from academic institutions such as Tsinghua University, Tianjin University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other overseas Chinese electrical and energy groups from North America and Europe. With the gradual development of special committee construction, the number of members will continue to expand. The establishment of the special committee provides an important platform for XJ to lead the energy Internet academic research and cooperation at home and abroad, and provides favorable conditions for the strategy of international output of equipment technology.