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Long lifetime on-board circuit-breaker developed by XJ passes type test by China Academy of Railway Sciences

Publication Date:2016-03-02

On March 1, the core components of Multiple Units: long lifetime on-board vacuum circuit-breaker developed by XJ Intelligent Medium Voltage Switchgear Company successfully passed the type test from China Railway Test & Certification Center(Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of MOR). The successful development of this product broke the foreign technology blockade.

VEM05-31.5 Multiple Units long lifetime on-board circuit-breaker is the railway power distribution unit of single-phase AC 27.5 KV, it is suitable for China Railway High-speed and can be used as neutral-selection passing high-tension switch. This product has 300,000 times of electrical safe life, is suitable for low-temperature (-40℃) environment and has IP56 protection rating. It is a renewal product of existing on-board circuit-breaker.

The arrival of this product will successfully break the situation that core technology in domestic multiple unit devices (long lifetime on-board vacuum circuit-breaker) relies entirely on imports and effectively increases the international competitiveness of domestic locomotive, expecting a broad market prospect.