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XJ wins the bidding of Guangzhou Rail Transit Energy Feedback System Device Procurement Project

Publication Date:2016-01-14

On January 13, Guangzhou Metro Group Co., Ltd. sent the letter of acceptance to ensure that XJ Group Corporation was the successful bidder of the Procurement Project of Power Supply System Regenerative Braking Energy Feedback System Device for Guangzhou Rail Transit Line 4 Phase I Project, Knowledge City Line, and Line 21.

The regenerative braking energy inverse feedback device connects the DC and AC power supply systems of the urban rail transit. It converts braking energy from metro through the feedback device to AC, and feed it to the ring network power supply. It is an energy-saving and environmental-protecting product. The regenerative braking energy feedback device independently developed by XJ Group has the functions of small harmonic current content and on-grid small surge current and fast response to dynamic current and supports the multiple machine parallel running and active/reactive power dispatch and distributed compensation. It is successfully applied both in Guangzhou Metro and Zhengzhou Metro.

Guangzhou Metro Group Co., Ltd. is a model enterprise in the field of domestic rail transit. XJ successfully won the bid of Guangzhou Transit Power Supply System Energy Feedback Device Procurement Project, playing the leading role within the industry and signifying that XJ has seized the initiative in the rail transit energy saving field and become another highlight in the rail transit field.