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Ruyang Sanjili Photovoltaic Booster Station Project On-grid Power Generation

Publication Date:2015-12-30

From December 25 to 26, the Ruyang Sanjili Photovoltaic Station 110 KV Prefabricated Booster Station Project undertaken by XJ Group has successfully completed current-carry in one time and performedon-grid power generation. This project is the first case of total package project of the Automation System Companyin prefabricated photovoltaicintegrated substation and it is the first complete 110 KV substation EPC project in the Group.

As the first on-grid ground photovoltaic power plant of Henan in 2015, this 110 KV booster station covers an area of about 2,500 square meters. It is adistributed photovoltaicsubstation conveyance system, with first phase of 15MWp and second phase of 15MWp, of Ruyang Sanjili New Energy Co.,Ltd.The prefabricated photovoltaic integrated device is firstly adopted in the booster stationcomprehensively integrating all the primary equipment, secondary equipment,and grounding arc-suppression complete equipment. This part of equipment covers an area of only 189 square meters. As a result of using the plant-prefabricated mode, it is featured with low construction cost, short construction period and small covering area. It is convenient for installation and maintenance, the whole effect is beautiful and decent and it is well recognized by the owners.